Galatians 4:6

Did you know that Abba means daddy or papa? So awesome that believers can call God our Abba!

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Guest Post: Psalm 119:32

Thanks to my friend Jason Hagerup for today’s verse! Jason is a talented photographer in Waco, Texas. Jason and his wife, Melaina, are friends of mine from college. They moved to Waco for Melaina to attend seminary a few years ago (same one my husband was attending) and Geoffrey and I have been blessed by their friendship over the past few years. We are really excited to see them in Waco in few weeks as both Melaina and Geoffrey will be graduating. Did I mention that they are expecting a sweet baby girl to arrive around the same time!?

I’m excited to have a painters and doodlers and photographers all involved with YEAR 27. Are you interested in guest doodling on YEAR 27? Contact me at [email protected]!

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Romans 12:2

This is the verse that my friend Belem would like to share with the Ehty people.

Thank you to everyone for your involvement in Year 27. I’m excited that so many of you are apart of this project.

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Celebrating 100 Days of Year 27: Jeremiah 29:11

CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? Today we celebrate 100 days of Year 27! This is too cool. God has totally provided so much for this project so far, and I’m excited to see what the next 100 days hold.

Out of curiosity…what has been your favorite verse posted on Year 27 so far?

Let’s celebrate 100 days of doodles…100 days of Bible translation…100 days of my 27th year!
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