A few things that I would like to note:

– ALL PROFIT that I make off these prints will go to translate the Bible for the Ehty people. I will update on a regular basis as prints of verses begin to sell. The website that I am using as a vehicle for purchasing prints has a ONE MONTH grace period before I actually receive the profits in my own account. This means that if you purchase something today, you might not see the number of verses translated for the Ehty people change immediately.

– Buying a print DOES NOT mean that you are sponsoring one verse of Bible translation. ALL PROFIT DOES go to Bible translation but the income from the sale of the print does not equal $26. This means I will purchase verses as profit allows. You can click here to see how much profit I make off of the sale of prints, phone covers, frames, etc. The profit from buying art prints vs. buying a phone cover is different. Here is the profit that YEAR 27 makes off of the purchase of an art print:

– Sponsoring Bible translation is always the goal! Buying art prints or sponsoring verses directly means that YOU are supporting Bible translation for the Ehty people in South Asia.

– Giving a gift? Make sure and let the recipient know about YEAR 27 and what the purchase of their gift is going to do for the Ehty people in South Asia – THIS is the best part…the tangible product is secondary!

– Thanks for your support! As I create more verses throughout this year, I will add new prints for sale.