Silent Sunday

For the Ehty people of South Asia, Silent Sunday happens more often than just Sunday – it’s every other day, too. At YEAR 27, we’re going to change that – we are working to translate God’s Word into their own heart language so that every day is a day where they can hear and read about God’s heart and character.

Join me in this effort – just $26 will translate one verse of scripture and 879 verses (our goal at YEAR 27) will translate the equivalent of the book of John into the Ehty heart language. If you are interested in sponsoring a verse right now, or want to learn more about this goal, click here.

Guest Post: 1 Peter 3:3-4

Today’s guest post is by Elian Haliman. Elian lives in Beijing and found me through social media and I am pleased to feature Elian on YEAR 27 today! Elian was an IT consultant for years, but is now taking a year leave to do volunteer work. Thanks for sharing this doodle with us – it’s beautiful!
All about Elian
“It’s been a while that I got God’s call to serve in international ministry. Last year I arrived in China, worked in Beijing and Xi’an for a year, and during that time God connected me to this organization called Starfish Project Now I’m volunteering there, doing a variety of work in whatever they need (outreach, software, production). Every couple of weeks, we hold activities for our women, and the last one was drawing. I proposed it because I like drawing (not great artist, just like it!).”
How did you choose this verse?
“I thought of what to draw that would have a meaning, instead of random doodling. We work with women and many of them have come a long way from environments of pressure, fear, threat, and loneliness. So I wanted to find something that gives a sense of joy and encouragement. I looked up Bible verses on women and beautiful, and found this verse. It’s God-given because it also speaks about how I identify with beauty.”
Year 27 is about bringing the joy and encouragement of the Bible to people everywhere! Specifically, we hope to bring the Gospel of John to the Ehty people of South Asia. Click here to find out how YOU can be involved!