The Ehty people have never had a Bible in their own language. In the United States, the Bible is something we take for granted because it is so accessible…we even have our own preferences of different English versions!

The Ehty people are located in South Asia. I chose to help sponsor the language project for these people because of this statement from the One Verse Web site:

The Ehty people hold to a major world religion of their area. About 20 people have come to Christ. Some have renounced their faith due to heavy persecution, while others have grown stronger in the Lord during hardship.

I’ve been reading through the books of Acts over the past few months. I’m praying that those 20 Ehty people who are believers will be able to hold strongly to their faith like Stephen (his story here) and Paul (check this out). Even more, I’m praying that they will get to hear the stories of hope from the Bible and that having these stories in their language will strengthen their faith.

For more information on the Ehty people, visit their page on the One Verse Web site.