Psalm 121:1-2

Happy Saturday! I spent my Saturday hiking in the hills!

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Ruth 2:12

In Ruth 1:16, you will see Ruth profess that the God of Israel is her God. She boldly leaves her home country to live in a foreign land, as a widow and with her mother in law. Ruth is faithful to her God – she takes refuge under His wings.

Let’s continue to pray that the Ehty believers will take refuge in God as they press forward to translate the Bible into their own heart language.

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Psalm 139:5

This verse goes hand in hand with yesterday’s verse.

200 DAYS of Year 27!
Four Years of marriage to the one and only Geoffrey Davis

I have so much to be thankful for!

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Isaiah 52:12

I had fun drawing this one today. This is one of the verses I read around this time last year when my husband and I were praying about moving to Spearfish to help with a new church. In my reading this morning, I was reminded of this verse – the devotional I am going through right now had me reading in Joshua 3&4 when the Israelites crossed the Jordan. God was protecting and guiding them from the front and the back. Remember this verse as you take steps forward in the direction God is calling you.

Remember to pray for God’s protection of the Ehty people. The translators are working to bring God’s Word in a tough place.

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