John 3:17

The number of verses in the book of John: 879. This is also the YEAR 27  verse translation goal for the Ehty people through 12-12-12.
We are at NINE verses so far! Would you consider sponsoring a verse for each month of 2012?

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1 Timothy 6:17

I read these verses (especially the New Testament ones as they will be translated into the language of the Ehty people) and think about how encouraging it is to hear or read these words – that God richly provides us with everything to enjoy. Think about how much it would also encourage the Ehty people to hear these words in their own heart language. Join me in praying today for the believers in South Asia. I’m praying that they will soon hear and read these words in their own heart language. I’m praying for strength and perseverance for them as they endure any kind of hardship or persecution.

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