Romans 8:38-39

Be encouraged by these words today!

YOU can get involved with YEAR 27, too.

1. You could doodle a verse! If you are interested, e-mail at [email protected]
2. Pray for the Ehty people of South Asia and those around the world who do not have the Bible in their own heart language.
3. SHARE Year 27 on Facebook or Twitter or Google or whatever you use (just click on the icons at the bottom of this post)
4. Sponsor ONE VERSE to be translated into the heart language of the Ehty people. ONE VERSE = $26 = all the funds needed to translate ONE VERSE.

John 17:17

Happy Monday everyone! I’m so thankful for the TRUTH of God’s Word. I’m praying that we will be able to translate God’s Word for the Ehty people this year. I’m hoping that they can experience the TRUTH of God’s Word in their own heart language!

Today is March 26. Sunday is April 1 (no joke!). Praise God for the 69 verses that have been translated through YEAR 27. I would LOVE to see just TEN more verses translated between now and April 1 for the Ehty people. It can be done! Please pray about how YOU can get involved this week.

Sponsor a verse today!

Silent Sunday

SILENT Sunday is a chance for you to be LOUD about Bible translation.

1. Pray for people groups around the world who still need the Bible in their own heart language. Here’s a simple prayer:
Father, today I lift up all of those people around the world that do not know You. Please bring people who can share with them about You. I would love to see those people be able to read the truth of your Word in their own heart language. I am thankful that I can read the Bible each day and how You have worked in my life through the truth of Your Word. I ask, Father, that You would provide the resources and funds necessary to bring the Bible to everyone all over the world. Amen.

2. Share about YEAR 27 with your friends and family.
Click on the social media icons at the bottom of this post to tell others about YEAR 27. Idea: find your favorite verse and share that day’s post with everyone you know!

3. Praying and sharing are HUGE for YEAR 27.
This project will be successful because God will move all kinds of people to get involved. It’s bigger than me. More people involved with YEAR 27 could mean more verses translated for the Ehty people in South Asia. Consider sponsoring a verse today or sometime this year. We’re going to bring the Bible to the Ehty people!

John 17:3

This is a verse that I am hoping the Ehty people get to read in their own heart language someday. I’m hoping that they will get to experience KNOWING our great God. I’m hoping that they get to soak in scripture that will encourage them and help them get to know God!

Let’s help bring this verse to the Ehty people. Sponsoring ONE VERSE today makes all the difference. We post ONE VERSE each day on Year 27 and sometimes it is that ONE VERSE that encourages you and helps you to know God more!