Silent Sunday

How quickly we forget…

What’s your Sunday routine? Mine usually includes the snooze button, but after I get up and get ready I grab my Bible and head to church. Then there’s the occasional day I rush out of the door without my Bible. Good thing I have it on my phone!

No matter your routine, we have a common denominator. We are rich in Bibles! If you wanted it, you could have access to the Bible immediately.

This is not true for the Ehty people, along with 300 million others around the world who are living in Bible poverty.

Today, in a people group of thousands, no more than 20 Ehty Christians woke up to gather together in a place that is not safe to worship our God. If they rushed, it was the result of fear and not laziness. And their common denominator? Not one, not even the preacher, has a single verse of the Bible in their own language.

That’s the reason for Silent Sunday. We cannot let our routines blind us to the fact that people all over the world desperately need God’s Word.

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Guest Post: Joel 2:32

Thanks to my pastor, Doug Hixson, for today’s guest post! Doug’s the pastor at Connection Church in Spearfish, SD,
works with my husband and likes to ride his motorcycle in the Black Hills.

I chose this verse only because it was part of my daily Bible reading. But what jumped out to me was the fact that there is a desire throughout the scripture to see people come to know Christ and follow him. Everyone who calls upon the Lord will be saved! The Gospel goes through all that we see in His Word!


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Guest Post: John 8:32

I’m honored today to feature this guest post by my friend Kaitlin Wanek. Kaitlin, thanks for sharing your talents on YEAR 27!

I love the idea of complete freedom as a result of keeping God’s word. It’s a beautiful paradox of being freed through obedience. God always has our best interest at hand and wants to bless those who hold him near. And in John 8:31-32 he blesses us with freedom.

As an art education and elementary education student at Black Hills State University, I love creative expression and communication, so the idea of sketching out verses of the Bible as a means to share the Word immediately sparked my attention. My boyfriend is actually doing graphic design with Wycliffe, so it’s been cool to see the unique and powerful ways God uses our individual strengths to collaboratively return the glory to him.


I’m praying that the Ehty people will experience FREEDOM when they read God’s Word for the first time! I want them to read and hear of the gracious God we serve and of the life-giving hope found in Christ.

That’s what YEAR 27 is all about – bringing a message of hope to the Ehty people — they don’t have the Bible in their own heart language and we’re trying to change that.

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2 Chronicles 20:12

The battle is the Lord’s – We don’t know what to do, but our eyes are on YOU. A simple prayer that you can memorize as you go through trials of many kinds.

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