Deuteronomy 31:8

hey YOU!! Be encouraged by this verse today. God loves YOU! HE goes before YOU! He will never ever leave YOU! Believe it!

My prayer for the Ehty people this morning: that their hearts would be open to the truth of God’s Word that they are going to receive in their own language over the next couple of years. Lord, prepare their hearts and bring those who will faithfully share YOU with them.

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Matthew 6:27

I can’t believe that YEAR 27 is almost HALF way over! In a couple of weeks, I’ll be celebrating my HALF birthday!

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1 John 4:19

Happy Monday! I encourage you to look through the lens of this verse in all of your interactions with people this week.

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Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday reminds us that the Ehty people are still waiting for the Bible in their own heart language. Sponsor a verse today to help bring the Bible to the Ehty people of South Asia.