Cindy Beethe’s Birthday Verse

Happy Birthday Cindy! I chose this verse to post for your birthday because I think that it applies to how you live your life. I have been encouraged to see how you are faithful to GO and serve. Thank you for all that you do to serve the Lord–it has encouraged me and so many others!

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Romans 15:13

Happy Monday friends!

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Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday – This is for the Ehty people in South Asia. These guys don’t have the Bible in their own heart language — yet. YEAR 27 is all about raising the support necessary to fill up the white square with the WORDS of CHRIST in the their own language.

So, share a verse that you would doodle in the white square this week. Why?

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Guest Post: Colossians 3:14

Rita Clawson submitted today’s YEAR 27 verse. Rita is an art teacher in East Texas with a desire to see students know Jesus. Rita, thanks for your support!

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